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Italian handpainted volcanic stone tables Higuera Imports has the latest innovative designs in teak furniture Italian travertine and antique terra cotta tables
Italian handpainted volcanic stone tables Italian travertine and antique terra cotta tables
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Available Sizes in the pattern:

"Deruta"-Travertine/ Antique Terra-cotta Inlayed

Italian Home and Garden Tables -
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Travertine and Antique terracotta Inlayed table:

Please call us for pricing for other sizes at 1-888-300-2059 or send us an email with the size, style and shape (square,rectangle or round ) at contact@higueraimports.com for more information.

Deruta, Italy is where this beautiful handcrafted table was created. The tradition of high quality craftsmanship has been handed down continually from generation to generation for over six centuries.

Each travertine table begins with the scouring of the Umbrian and Tuscan regions to find the one of kind antique terracotta pieces, the pieces are then used as the enlays in these exquisite and unique tables. The Terracotta enlays in each table are found by sifting through mounds of debris from the time worn and fallen walls of villas or farmhouses that maybe up to 600 years old. Many of the markings on the terracotta enlays in these table are often of the historical crests of the regions or maybe of the family’s crest which owned the property centuries ago. Only after the required number of vintage terra-cotta pieces are recovered are the travertine or stone perimeters of each table shaped, as the perimeter stone is designed to fit the antique terracotta pieces. After the size and shape of the travertine is complete it is then decided how to make the most of the enlay design, this way all the valuable pieces of the terracotta can be utilized. This step may require several days to a week but it is essential as the designs are not laid out in haste. After a design has been rough fitted the artisan go to work hand sanding and fitting each piece of terracotta. When all the pieces have been fitted properly the inlay is then bonded to the travertine frame in a permanent fashion

Deruta, Italy often shows us how the artists have perfected the art of making truly unique and valuable items, and the town is synonymous with prize-winning pieces that are highly collectible throughout the world.

We have a variety of sizes and design available, please feel free to ask if you would like to see the other tables in stock.

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