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Italian handpainted volcanic stone tables Higuera Imports has the latest innovative designs in teak furniture Italian travertine and antique terra cotta tables
Italian handpainted volcanic stone tables Italian travertine and antique terra cotta tables
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A journey through the art of ceramic production

1st Cycle

The creation of the shape is made by using methods suitable for the item that will be produced.

  • Lathe shaping enables creation of any shape or size as long as it is round. v
  • Other shapes (hexagons, ovals, complex shapes, etc.) will require various traditional procedures such as molding by hand or with plaster casts etc…

The most commonly used raw material is "red clay".

Tools used: Lathes, mother moulds, plaster casts, spatulas and various small tools, spray and powder filter booths, etc.

Etching / engraving

engraving is a step which is only used for special decorations that require etching on the model when the clay is still soft. This process is inspired by special designs and comprises etching or engraving the object with a steel tip, all performed by hand. An example of this type of manufacturing is "Byzantine" style decoration, inspired by Byzantine era floor and wall finishes

Tools used: Steel tips for the totally handcrafted etching, pounce-bags.

First firing "… for bisquit"

After drying the object which is produced at room temperature (whether it has been etched or not), the object will then be placed in a chamber for its first firing at just under 1832 degrees F. This will take just under a day, the chamber then can be opened to remove the fired piece, called "bisquit".

Apparatus used: Flame and electric kilns.

2nd Cycle

The "bisquit" item is then dipped in a glaze that may be one of several colors (usually it is white, cream or slightly ivory). Apparatus used: Bowls, pliers, strainers, ladles.

Painting / Decoration

Usually the hand painting of the pattern is then applied over the glaze, which was applied in the previous stage. The colors used for decorating are produced with ground minerals, which are then diluted with water and applied to the object by hand using various types of paint brushes, depending on the type of painting or detail required on the surface. One of the problems encountered when painting pottery is that the colors used for the final patterns will change hue after the second firing, so the artist will need to foresee the end effect of the application. All of Higuera imports items are created by hand and there is always ample capability for creating new decorations, even personalized to customer request. Apparatus used: Paint brushes, pounce-bags, lathes.


This process is performed after the object has been decorated and consists of its being sprayed with a glass paste called "crystalline glaze". Apparatus used: Spray gun, powder filter booth, lathes, tables.

Second firing "… for beauty"

Second firing is completed at about 1680 degrees F, this stage is needed to bond the decoration to the object. During this firing the previously applied crystalline glaze will melt and become transparent. After this phase the item will acquire brilliance, impermeability and the colors will change their initial appearance, with their real beauty coming to the surface. A day must pass before the firing chamber can be opened to admire the craft object that has been produced.

Apparatus used: Flame and electric kilns

All of our Italian Ceramics are COMPLETELY SAFE for food use and have been approved for food contact by the food and drug administration on entry into the USA, this includes our Cups / Mugs / Pitchers / Tabletop items / Serving items and dinner sets. Any items which Higuera imports sells which are purely for decorative use are clearly marked as such to avoid any confusion.



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